Our online shop is now closed for the remainder of 2020 whilst we deal with the high volume of Christmas orders for our customers, suppliers and corporate partners. Thank you all so much for supporting our little bakery in 2020. We really appreciate all your orders and support. We wish you all a very special and joyful Christmas .. We can't wait to see you all back here in January 2021. Until then, you can still purchase our freshly baked treats at our local suppliers and if you're making your own cookies & Milk for santa this year (with your Squidges Christmas Eve boxes) don't forget to get your egg & butter ready for your Christmas Eve baking! Please keep an eye on our social media for all the latest news / suppliers info and online store reopening info... https://www.instagram.com/squidgesbakery/ https://www.facebook.com/Squidges/ https://twitter.com/squidgesbakery or Email info@squidges.com if you have any queries & order bookings for 2021... Thank you